Lysteriok ruins symbol

A representation of a prominent glyph found almost immediately upon searching the ruins. Research is being carried out to decipher the runes.

The Vigilatemannisomynide Chambers are remnants of what appear to be an ancient Lysteriokan temple estimated to date back to -268, first discovered on the 26th of May, 613.


During a military training exercise located in the teprate, jungle areas of Vigilatemannisomynide, a detatchment of 4 riflemen ended up lost and their Designated Marksman stumbled into a ditch that had recently given way. The soldier had fractured his Femur but was otherwise okay.

As the team decided to radio in they noticed there were things underneath the dirt. Although logs indicate the men did not report this find while contacting their superiors, it is obvious they talked and spread word of it.

By triangulating the location from where the soldiers broadcast it was possible