The History of the World of NationStatesEdit

Year -138Edit

  • March 19th - The Mighty Queendom of Lysteriok is torn, by civil war over government and pressure from several newly settled colonies, into two nations: the leftist Ethanthova and the rightist Tri-National Dominion.
  • July 27th - Queen Rochdale is killed from blood loss by a musket shot to the knee. One son goes on to be Ethanthova's first leader and his brother revives the Queendom as a Dictatorship by placing himself as Fuehrer Rochdale.

Year -137Edit

  • August 1st - The recently formed nation of Solea begins the invasion of Auspikitan to liberate its peoples.

Year -134Edit

Year -133Edit

  • August 2nd - The Aeridanish discover Loviniosa, which was at the time, a hellhole of many warring factions.

Year -125Edit

Year -129Edit

  • February 25th - Many kingdoms of the Ezperetus Yi'sotus form the Federal Republics of Byisotia.

Year -121Edit

Year -116Edit

  • August 1st - TND placed under a ceasefire and sanctions by Ethanthova after many years of on-and-off warring.

Year -110Edit

  • September 26th - President Samuel of Aeridani narrowly escapes assasination by a New Aeridanish revolutionist
  • October 14th - Inspiration from the R.R.R., several republics in Byisotia break away to form the People's Union of Alieosia, declaring that Byisotia was too right-wring in its governmental system.
  • October 31st - Inspired by the Bysotian civil war and the Red Rainbow Revolution, the Union of Aeridani undergoes a short civil war that would see it's title changing to the Shining Union of Aeridani, and the separation of New Aeridani from the Union, declaring that Aeridani was too urbanized and liberal. These historical days would be known as "Secession Month" by future generations.

Year -89Edit

Year -21Edit

  • November 30th - The government of Aeridani passed a controversial law which would legalize Fiah Syndrome weapons for military use.

Year 14Edit

  • August 25th - The Federal Republics of Byisotia and the People's Union of Alieosia form the Union of the Two Nations of Bielosia.

Year 36Edit

  • November 25th - The Colony of Darvincia demands independence from Bielosia.
  • December 25th - Terrorists detonate the Free Tower in downtown Boston.

Year 37Edit

  • January 3rd - After Bielosia's acceptance, Darvincia's leaders are chosen and inaugurated into office.
  • May 22nd - After long and tiresome debates with neighboring colonies and countries, the borders of Darvincia have been decided.

Year 41Edit

  • December 31st - The nation of Biodry was founded by dehydrated mudkips presumably wandering the desert.

Year 95Edit